Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Other Side of the Garden

I just finished reading a great book by Virginia Fugate. It is an older book from the 80's I think, but it chocked full of information for us "weird" know the ones who like to stay home and care for our families, the ones who make it a point to actually be best friends with our husbands and kids...those wives.
This book really opened my eyes to my attitude lately to not only my husband but to other people around me. Here is what the back of the book says:
On The Other Side of the Garden; Biblical Womanhood for Today's World reveals how to:
*Find renewed purpose in life
* Achieve God's design for your marriage
*Distinguish submission from blind obedience
* Correctly influence your husband, children, and church
* Communicate your needs in a language men understand
* Deal with a passive, overbearing, or unspiritual man
* Evaluate your work and ministry
* Love your children and your family
* Cope with disillusions, diappointments, and irritations
* Turn frustrations of a real life marriage into joy.

Like I said, this book is really good. You might enjoy it as well! Time to get a new book off the shelf!

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