Thursday, September 25, 2008

Schooling In Action

This week we have been preparing for a yard sale. To me this is like THE BEST way for the kids to learn Math, Social Skills, pricing, comparing. They have been digging in their rooms all week for things that they could sell to make money on. They are pricing their own things based on what they paid for it and are learning a great deal right now about money. So if you live in Hopkinsville, come by our yard sale tomorrow!

Today for the first time since school started, we did quite a bit of independent study. Since the kids are getting older now and Robert will be a high schooler next year, I thought it was best for them to learn how to study on their own. Today went really good and I was amazed at how much they have learned over the past four weeks since we changed the way we school. I find myself more and more not having to re-explain things. I find them helping each other and talking things over and discussing with each other what they have read. I am just still amazed at how well children learn through CM.

Anyway, that is my two cents for today! I have got to get back on the yard sale bandwagon!


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