Monday, October 20, 2008

My Pastor and His Wife

Since this is Pastor Appreciation Month, I thought I would share with you all about the lovely wonderful couple, who I am so blessed to go church with. They also happen to be my pastor and his wife.

Dan and Kathi are two of my closest friends. Even though we really don't have many things in common, we share one common interest for sure, and that is the fact that we are bound together in love by the Lord Jesus Christ.

These two have been in my life now for about 6 years, and I am so blessed to call them my friends as well as "my pastor and his wife."

They have been there for Stephen and I during some of the rough times in our lives. We have also shared many laughs, and many, many heartfelt conversations about the things of God.

Dan and Kathi to me are great people who love the Lord. You can see it on their faces when they serve Him. You can see it in their every day lives when they think no one is looking. Their life speaks of their relationship with the Lord.

I am so very blessed to be able to tell them both that I love them. They mean so much to me and to Stephen. I am so glad that God has blessed my life with these two wonderful friends.

You both are loved very much!

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