Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to Our Newest Member of the Family

Here is the newest member of our family! Little Puff!

This past weekend, our older gentleman neighbor, gave us his sweet little Puff, because he just did not have the strength to take care of him any more. Puff was always running away to come down here and play with Ruffles and the kids.

At first, we were not for sure if he would fit in with our family, but he has made himself quite at home here already. He loves everyone dearly, and is the most snuggly dog anyone could ever find!

Of course, he has already passed the initiation process. Oh you know which one I am talking about, the humiliation process. Dressing up in baby doll clothes, and being paraded around so everyone can see.
Needless to say, little momma is all excited because she has someone to take care of and nurture. One of these days, she will make a great mommy!

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