Monday, January 26, 2009

Bloggy Awards from Journey Home

My friend Michelle over at Journey Home awarded me 2 Bloggy Awards. First, I am just amazed that people actually read my blog and find interesting things here. Secondly, I am humbled that God would choose a little bitty peon like myself to share His word with others.

Here are the two awards I received:

I get the honor of passing these awards on to 7 of my favorite blogs, so here we go:

  • Nancy at "Lessons Learned On The Farm". Not only is she my good friend, but she makes a great boss and encourager of homeschoolers as well!
  • Celtic Mom at "Happiest At Home". She always has some kind of wonderful tip on her website.
  • Molly Green at Econobusters. She has tons of tips and savings to help us break free from this economy! She posted two frugal chocolate recipes today!
  • Hannah at "Everyday Musings". Hannah is one of my very favorite people. I love her blog, but she is my lifesaver at our Homeschool Group Meetings!
  • Suzanne at "Fill Your Life with Simple Joys". Each time I read an entry on Suzanne's blog, I am reminded of how simple life can be and how joyous a time I can have with simplicity! Plus she just happens to be one of my very good homeschool group friends!
  • Candace at "Living For The King" . She always has been an encouragement to me and brings chips and salsa to our Steering Committee Meetings (Gotta love a girl who supplies you with Chips and Salsa right?
  • And last but not least, my friend Kari, at "Honeysuckle Cave Farm". She is graduating a daughter this year and is extremely knowledgeable about homeschooling high schoolers. I am sure that I will be relying on her some in the coming years as we are soon going to have a high schooler amongst our clan!
Be sure to stop by each of these blogs and say hi! As moms, we can always use the encouragement!

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