Friday, March 5, 2010

Book Review: Dancing With My Father


When trusted author and mentor Sally Clarkson noticed a lack of joy in her own life, she realized how easy it can be, especially for women with overloaded to-do lists, to feel weighed down by drudgery and disappointment. But rather than slogging through her days, Sally wanted to know the delight of God's presence. She began prayerfully exploring how to cultivate deep-rooted joy even in the midst of difficult seasons.
In this warm and wise book, she invites you to experience for yourself what happens when you trust God to lead you into a life of anticipation, passion, and purpose.

I really liked this book, but it took me a little bit to get into it. After the first chapter, it starts to really get into detail about how God leads us into joy and grace.

Something that really spoke to me while reading it was this:
How frustrating it must be to God to know that we sometimes picture Him as a grumpy old man interested in our perfect behavior, ready at any moment to spoil our fun and to slap us with harsh discipline the moment we fail, and who wants us to always be quiet and well behaved. I am convinced that God meant for us to regularly experience pleasure and delight, laughter, and pure unadulterated joy. But in order for these to be an integral part of a very real relationship with Him, we need to find Him in beauty and pleasure in the minute detail and places in our lives.

Do you view God that way? This book helped me to take a look at how I was seeing Him and realizing He is a God of joy and of grace and not some grumpy old man.

You can purchase this book from Random House and read an excerpt of it by going to this link HERE.

I was provided this book by Random House in exchange for my review.

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