Monday, April 26, 2010

A Special From The Homemaker's Mentor

Make Your Home a Haven
There are so many places willy nilly stacks can accumulate! And the more people you have in your home - the easier the stacks form and the taller they become! Tackle the paper pile, toy tumbles, book barrage and those fearful files.  This month Homemaker's Mentor offers a Spring Bundle to help you de-clutter your chaos and return your home to the haven you desire.  Guest mentor Tacy offers practical ideas to help with the stacks and piles in every room in the house in Willy-Nilly Stacks and Crazy Piles
Martha brings the best of the Homemaker's Mentor's cleaning lessons to make your haven sparkle.  With a little boost from HMM and motivation you can make your home a haven again!
A special offer for homemakers everywhere - if you are ready to be inspired to conquer those crazy piles and willy-nilly stacks multiplying all over your home and to get the master bedroom beautifully clean from ceiling to corner and to have a spit spot bathroom and to have a kitchen that sparkles! Help for the homemaker is here!HMM & HMS has put a bundle of lessons together our members have already enjoyed for you and your readers at a very special price ($7.99 for a limited time) for a SPRING BUNDLE OFFER
:After purchase you will find a zip folder ready for instant download as soon as completion of checkout.
I was really excited to get to review this bundle. There is so much helpful information in here that you will not want to miss this exciting Spring bundle!

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