Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

One of my favorite Mother's Day poems is the one read by Pete on Home Improvement. If you are not sure which one I am talking about, here it is to refresh your memory.

An Ode To My Mother
by Peter Bilker (that would be me)

"Who etched this tattoo, [Pete turns his shoulder with the tattoo towards the camera]
In her purple muumuu?
Mother, mother. [Tim mouths the second "mother"]

Who posted my bail,
Every time without fail?
Mother, mother. [Tim mouths the second "mother"]

And who rushed to the car,
With my severed thumb in a jar?
Er, father, father.

But who sewed it back on,
When the doctor was gone?
Mother, Mother."
[Pete puts the poem back in his hat and puts his hat back on] Happy Mother's Day, Mom! [Pete holds up his thumb, which is twisted round!]

On this blessed Mother's day, spend some time loving and making your mother feel extra special!


blueviolet said...

Happy Mother's Day! I hope your day is really special!

PS. I can't believe you're even attempting to get through that UBP list!!! I'm impressed!

carma said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. Have a wonderful Mother's Day :-)