Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Much Is Too Much?

How much of your life do you share through social media like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, your blog? I am one of those that would post things like:

"Going to Wal-Mart"

"Eating at Chili's"

"Can't wait until we move"

"It's almost time for hubby to get off work"

But then, my husband said, "Honey, I don't think its a good idea for you to share so much of our personal information on these sites. You never know who is out there lurking and reading what you write."

I got to thinking about what he was saying and he is SO right. I watched a segment of a news program where a lady was sharing on Facebook about when she was going and when she was coming home. One of her followers was reading it and then all of a sudden she was attacked and her house broken into. They had gotten down to the "T" where she was at all times because she was posting things that should have never been posted.

I am truly glad for my husband's leading in this area. More than that, I am glad that I have heeded his advice. I don't want anyone knowing all my business!

What about you? How much do you share and how much is too much?


Anonymous said...

It is a scary world we live in now, isn't it?! I don't often post locations, just an idea or thought...I am always careful about who is home and when, you HAVE to be careful. Great post!

Daphne said...

Once in a blue moon I will share that I'm going to this place or this place but I'm trying not to do this. It's really not safe because you never know who may be reading. Once I get home from a location then I will mention "just got home from Target" or something like that.

Joy Tamsin David said...

I have a "friend" on facebook who is a mess. She posts about all the drama and controversy in her life. Messy breakups, stalkers, fights, arrests...I can't imagine why someone would share all those things. Once she posted a picture of how fat her stomach had gotten! (And no, it wasn't from pregnancy).
She passed the TMI line many status updates ago.

Alicia said...

Yah, I never put too much info on FB, especially if my older kids are home alone. You're right, you just never know. Some people share way too much info on there!

Busy Working Mama said...

I am careful about what I say because I have some work cotnacts that friended me. I mean, the COO of our company is a friend - I have limited his access to my updates, though. He really doesn't need that much detail about my personal life.

~Stacy said...

There is definitely a TMI point... but for me it's not as much about being afraid for safety, after all... we live in a very public world these days and if someone wants to know information about me, they could probably find it even if I don't post it on facebook. We just have to pray for wisdom as we post, and leave that in the Lord's hands.... BUT my TMI point is when a peek into someone's life becomes a play-by-play of someone's life. lol. Too much. :)