Monday, August 23, 2010

Learning to Let Go

This weekend, I read a post on Amy Bayliss's blog. If you haven't read it, you should go here now and read it. Seriously. It was that thought provoking.

It just got me to thinking about all the STUFF I try to do in a day's time while my family is left to themselves. It makes me feel like the mother who doesn't care, or the wife who wants only her time.

I wrote Amy back and thanked her for sharing her heart about letting go of things that were burdening her down and keeping her from spending time with her family.

My question to you today is,  What is keeping you from your family?
Is it the Internet, blogging, reading, church activities?

All those things are great and wonderful things, but ladies, our family is our first priority. Let's treat it like a priority and not like something that is a hindrance or a burden. I can promise you that if you treat it as such, the ones in your family will begin to feel like that.

This weekend, I unloaded on my family because I was just overwhelmed with trying to do everything. I took it out on them. Don't be like me and do this. It is harmful to your family's health.

Learn to let go.

Learn to breathe and just enjoy life.

Learn to laugh and not be so scheduled all the time.

These are the things that I am learning.

What are you learning today?


Ashley Pichea said...

I've had to learn to schedule my time. In my daily schedule, I have time blocks for spending w/ my family - blocks of time where I try to put distractions behind me.

Visiting from Mingle Monday - have a GREAT week!

Ron Cooper said...


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