Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Are Those Crazy Boys Up To Now??

Bet you thought I was talking about Robert and his friends. Well, guess what? Guess again! These are the boys I was talking about!

Well as you can see, Ruffles is still the head honcho in our house.

He is the keeper of all the toys, and the eater of all the dog food! He gets so mad when we have to run him out of the other boys dog food.

Then there is Little Puff. He is still a momma's boy. I guess he always will be!

He does not like to share his spot on the couch with the little one, but he is learning to share.

He loves to stare out the door at the birds and quirrels! He is my sweet little Puffer!

Then there is the new dude on the block! Little Tucker.

He mostly sleeps,

and sleeps...and sleeps.

We have discovered that when he sleeps, his little tongue sticks out! It's so adorable!!

As you can see all my boys are doing great. They get along wonderful and love each other. As I write this, they are all nestled on the floor, legs stretched out, sleeping off the afternoon!

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